Regulations and deadlines for thesis preparation and final exams

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1. Registration period for choosing the topic online:
14 May, 2019, 10:00 am  -  23 May, 2019, 23:59

Detailed information: drop down menu - registration 

2. Preparation of thesis

Detailed information: drop down menu - general information

3. Handing in of thesis (printed and electronic version)

Deadline for the autumn semester of the academic year 2019/20: 12 December, 2019.

Important: Deadlines must be respected when uploading the electronic version of the thesis as they are forwarded for evaluation, the printed copies are given to the final exam committee and after the defence back to the student. 

Printed copy of the thesis must be handed in to:

Gersei Gabriella, (Management Campus) 221. Monday-Thursday 9-11 am, 13-15 pm, Friday 9-11 am.

For thesis I. you should send the needed document (see the details at the menu of this website: thesis work consultation I. - subject) just to your tutor (advisor) via e-mail.
The deadline in the autumn semester of the academic year 2019/20 is: 12 December 2019.

 4. Final exam period – see drop down menu: final exam

 Faculty final exam regulations - download here