Esemény neve Winter Seminar 2021
Időpont 2021. február 24. 09:00 - 2021. február 26. 16:00
Kategória Deák Ferenc Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar
Típus Konferenciák

Winter Seminar 2021


Where to Study? Where to Work? Where to Live?

Career Routes for Young Intellectuals in Central and Eastern Europe


Program details

The official programme will take place online via Google Meet platform, hosted by the Széchenyi István University, Department of Constitutional Law and Political Sciences. (Link will be published in due time before the event.)


Period: 24-26 February 2020

  • The Seminar is open for higher education students and PhD candidates as young researchers from any fields of legal, economic, media, communications, social, international and security studies from all over Europe.
  • 20 places are provided for incoming new students from abroad (plus alumni colleagues will join).
  • The language of the Seminar is English.
  • We present e-certificates on the participation and contributions.



Registration fee: no registration fee.

Information and contact:

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