The departments of the Faculty

Our Faculty has 6 departments, the structure is the following:

Department of Economic Analyses
Head of the department: Dr. Dusek Tamás, professor,

Department of International and Theoretical Economics
Head of the deparment: Dr. Szigeti Cecília, associate professor,

Department of Leadershhip and Organisational Communication
Head of the department: Dr. Dőry Tibor, associate professor,

Department of Marketing and Management
Head of the department: Dr. Ercsey Ida, associate professor,

Department of Regional Studies and Public Policy
Head of the department: Somlyódyné Dr. Pfeil Edit, associate professor,

Department of Tourism
Head of the department: Dr. Happ Éva, associate professor,

Click here for the list of the teachers of the departments.

You can find more information of our collegues with the help of the phone book (after searching please click "details" for English version).