General information

MSc students must register a topic online in the semester when they take up the subject Thesis Consultation I. as they need an internal advisor to meet the requirements of this subject. The subject is in the third semester of the curriculum, because writing the thesis at master level is a two-semester project. 

Bachelor students must register a topic online when they take up the subject Thesis Consultation (Bachelor Programme) as they need an internal advisor to meet the requirements of this subject.

Thesis submitted and evaluated for any other mark than fail cannot be re-written for three years starting from the hand in date. After three years a new thesis must be prepared and registration should take place.

Choosing the topic

Students must choose topics relating to their study programme and their field. Choosing the topic is done online from topics previously published.

Further information can be found under the drop down menu: registration.for thesis topic

Students are obliged to contact their internal advisor (after the period for choosing a topic has ended).

Students must prepare a thesis on bachelor courses and a diploma work on master courses. (in the sample and on the data sheet these two words are to be applied depending on the level of the course. These works should be prepared according to the following (click the underlined phrases for download the files):  

  • formal guidelines  
  • thesis sample (a sample provided as a help, related to and constructed according the formal guideline and is constructed).
  • front page - as part of the thesis
  • student declaration - signed, as part of the thesis
  • declaration of confidentiality (if it is needed)
    Classification (on the request of the company): Our university does not sign contracts for classification and does not undertake any other conditions than the ones outlined in the downloadable declaration. We suggest this issue to be clarified in time to avoid problems later.

Professional or specialist questions should be addressed to the internal advisor whose task is to provide professional guidance.

Theses can be submitted officially when the internal advisor has sent a feedback for the student. 

The length of the thesis without annexes on bachelor courses at least 30 but not more than 50 pages.

The length of the thesis without annexes on master courses at least 40 but not more than 60 pages.

Thesis must be submitted only in electronic version which must be uploaded to There is a guideline at that website which contains the technical instructions.


When uploading, select the department of your degree programme as follows: 

Department of Statistics, Finances and Controlling: 

Business Administration and Management BSc


Department of Corporate Leadership and Marketing: 

Marketing MSc

Supply Chain Management Msc 


Department of International and Applied Economics: 

International Economy and Business MSc


Department of Tourism and Hospitality: 

Tourism management MSc


Electronic version will be sent to the external referee.
Signature of the internal advisor should be on the electronic version of the declaration of confidentiality (not obligatory, just if a firm ask for that).
The thesis with its appendix should be upload as one pdf file at our Faculty. For more information please see the website: where you find the thesis uploading guide.

The thesis are evaluated by an internal advisor and an external referee (the external referee is given by the internal advisor and is nominated by the faculty). The evaluations will be uploaded to the Neptun system. 

The final result is decided upon by the final exam committee taking into consideration both the internal and the external report. (Does not mean a straight average!)

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