Registering the thesis


On this web page students can choose their topic. Besides this, if the student has not completed his/her connected subjects (seminar, thesis work consultation), he/she has to take them up in the Neptun system. (see thesis consultation drop down menu) The two periods do not entirely overlap, that is to say that the period for online registration of the topics and taking up the subjects are two independent systems.

Students apply for one topic to one given tutor (advisor) and can only register to one place.

Speed decides at the application (similarly to when applying for exams on the NEPTUN system. For one topic only one student can apply (but at one tutor the topic can appear several times and the number of topics is the same as the number of appearances). When topics for a given tutors are over, no further topics can be allocated. If the tutor has free places left but not for a topic the student would like to do, it is still worth applying (tutors are flexible within their own topics. Topics are general and are to be made concrete when consulting the internal advisor.    

Topics can be downloaded in Excel format for information (available in May and June):

Marketing MSc thesis topics

Supply Chain Management MSc thesis topics

International Economy and Business MSc thesis topics

Tourism management MSc thesis topics

In case of MSc courses students must register online to Thesis work I., according to the curriculum for the 3rd semester. Furthermore:

  • Those who complete Thesis work I. once, they automatically take their registration to the next semester (they only have to inform the University in an email if they are not continuing in the next semester,
  • Those students who have not completed the subject Thesis work I. must apply online for a topic once again  - and has to take up the subject again through the NEPTUN system,
  • Those who are not continuing with the subject Thesis work II. in the subsequent semester after completing the subject Thesis work I, or those who have signed up for Thesis work II  but have not handed in any thesis, must register in an email at  Réka Kiss-Leizer (

Business administration and management thesis topics

You can take the thesis and the related subject at the earliest in the last semester of the curriculum, when you are expected to graduate (obtain an "Absolutórium") in the semester.

The student is encouraged to choose a topic related to the knowledge acquired in his/her own education (not departmental). 

Registration is valid for one semester. Students who do not submit a thesis in a given semester will be required to choose a topic again online. 

A thesis that has been submitted and received a grade other than unsatisfactory cannot be re-submitted for three years from the date of submission, but a new thesis must be written after the three years have elapsed, so a new topic must be chosen at that time.

The application process is based on speed (similar to the Neptun application process for exams). Only one student can apply per "queue", each student can apply only once. No more than the number of subjects displayed can be assigned. The topics are general and will need to be clarified with the internal consultant.

The subject (Thesis Consultation (Bachelor Programme) KGNB_GETA099) will be published in Neptun under the name of the supervisor. After online subject selection on the website, students will be transferred to the internal consultant's courses.

REGISTRATION - available only in the registration period - we send information via e-mail 

The above excel charts appear here in online format and during the period of registration there is an additional column in the chart where students can choose their topics by clicking on „Apply”. After that a short form must be filled out giving personal data (please pay attention to accuracy!) and application is completed by sending this form. (This online application platform is only active during the application period.)

Registration for Marketing thesis topics 

Registration for Supply Chain Management thesis topics 

International Economy and Business thesis topics 

Tourism management thesis topics

Business administration and management thesis topics registration


No further applications are accepted after the deadline.

In case of data changes please send the modifications to the email address: because this registration is not connected to the NEPTUN registration and data modified there will not be automatically transferred into this record system.  

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