Kautz Conference 2023 


Current Challenges for Sustainable Development at Global and Regional Levels

1 June 2023

Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary





Nowadays we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world and thriving in turbulent times. It requires new way of thinking about our presence and future and we cannot manage social and economic life without involving a sense of sustainability and resilience. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a framework of global and regional guidelines to facilitate the realization of technological development in a more ecologically sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

The conference is focused on the current challenges associated with sustainable development with an emphasis on all levels of territorial considerations, and from the perspective of various social and economic actors. Managing sustainable business activities is a challenge and the methods employed differ depending on the size of the firm. Similarly, sustainable development is crucial for social actors as well. Based on these ideas we welcome submissions on the topic that explore how social or economic actors can effectively manage the challenge of sustainability.

The main conference topics (not limited to):
- Companies’ sustainable behaviour in different industries of all sizes
- Other organisations’ sustainable behaviour in different industries
- Green technologies in different industries
- Green technologies in society
- Factors which can influence the sustainable way of thinking
- Sustainable tourism
- Sustainable value chains
- Financial management of sustainable development
- Reporting of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)
- Measuring social responsible and sustainable activities of firms of all sizes

We accept papers which provide information about these and related topics with quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. Introduction of the topic with a global or regional or local approach is welcomed.
The conference language is Hungarian and English. There is no conference fee.

Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline: 2 May 2023
Notification of acceptance: 8 May 2023

Publication opportunities:
Presenters recommended by the section chairs will have the opportunity to submit their papers for publication in one of several journals following the conference:
 Tér-Gazdaság-Ember (https://tge.sze.hu/kezdolap; https://tge.sze.hu/en_GB/home)
 Statisztikai Szemle (https://www.ksh.hu/statszemle)
 Civil Szemle (http://www.civilszemle.hu/)

Contact person: Adrienn Reisinger Dr. habil reisinger.adrienn@ga.sze.hu

Dr. habil László Csicsmann, Associate professor, Dean
Dr. habil Adrienn Reisinger, Associate professor, Vice-dean of Scientific Cases
Dr. Adrienn Dernóczy-Polyák, Associate professor, Vice-dean of Educational Cases
Dr. Krisztián Koppány, Associate professor, Vice-dean for Business Relations
Dr. Attila Kurucz, Associate professor, Head of Department
Dr. Sándor Remsei, Associate professor, Head of Department
Dr. Árpád Tóth, Associate professor, Head of Department

Call for papers in pdf

Kautz Conference programme in English

Kautz Conference programme in Hungarian

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